Birding & Photography


young bald eagle Bella Coola
bird watching birding Bella Coola
bird watching birding Bella Coola
Birding & Nature Photography Opportunities are virtually Limitless.

The Great Bear Chalet is situated on the bank of the Atnarko River in an interior Douglas fir forest.

Certainly other tree species dominate the riparian zone - Western red cedar, black cottonwood, paper birch and red alder.
The diversity of vegetation and the presence of freshwater (everywhere) makes this ecosystem a veritable smorgasbord for avian seed and insect eaters.

Within an hour, we can travel up into an alpine environment where an entirely different collection of resident & migratory birds flourish.

birding salmon photography Great Bear

bird watching Steller Jay Bella Coola
Highlights for us include:

Rapturous raptors - resident Bald Eagles nesting nearby; Northern Goshawks; Red-tailed Hawks; Osprey; Owls - whose 'hoot' is who?

Woodpeckers galore, drumming on our hot tin roof - Pileated, Downy Hairy, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Northern Flicker. Enjoy the 'uncommon' song of the Common Dipper; the many voices of Raven; Stellar's Jay, Clark's Nutcracker, the spring morning thumping bass beat of the Ruffed Grouse - accompanied by an incredible chorus of Flycatchers, Wrens, Sparrows, Thrushes, Tanagers, Vireos, Warblers.

And May marks the return of the Rufous hummingbirds. Light, landscapes, seasons, flora and fauna - one can't possibly capture it all but, you can burn up your memory cards trying!